Wonder Rub You Got Nerve

This mix was made to fix many issues, so far we have seen aide with restless leg syndrome, pain, arthritis, tight tendons, wounds (yes open wounds, this is a bacterial killer and a protective separation) eczema, headaches, external viral warts, some fungus and more.  

A little over ten years ago I started this fix with a papper wash, that worked some for pain, but for me I want to see a major dif

Illness and Disease

Under the Weather Tea

  • alfalfa (newly added for alkanoids)
  • Ascorbic acid 
  • ​Bee Pollen pdr.
  • ​Dandelion Root pdr.
  • ​Licorice root pdr.
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Sarsaparilla pdr.

This is normally done as a maintenance 3 times a week, am/pm SAME TEA BAG USED TWICE, followed by two glasses of water.  To make stronger put in hot water let cool and reheat in microwave for double the pull of herbal components. 

Please Note: Some items have to be metabolized to help with this brew.  Unhealthy kidneys and liver may not handle this well, check yourself regularly if you decide this is right for you, and less it certainly more!  Be sure to do your research if you choose to copy this recipe that Cheryl has used.



Graves Disease!


Anxiety & Irritability

Fine tremor of hands or fingers

Heat sensitivity, increase perspiration

Weight Loss

Immune system

Enlarges Thyroid Gland (GOITER)

Change in menstrual cycles

E.D. Reduced libido

Frequent bowel movements

Bulging eyes

Thick red Skin usually on top of feet

Rapid or irregular heartbeat (palpitations)

​I obtained these symptoms from the Mayoclinic.org.  So we can go through however I believe they left some out....

​I believe these symptoms can be linked back to be acid.  To go through symptoms;

Anxiety / can be linked to depression, depression  is linked to immune lowering.

Tremors/ balance in body's PH is important, I believe synapses, and pathways are carrying neurotransmitters through acids.  To high of acid can make them miss function or go into spastic like attacks.  Acids fall and deposit like uric acid falling to the feet and causing gout. It will get in joints and cause aches and pains, this is the reason for heat sensitivity but not perspiration. 

Perspiration/ When uric acid rises I believe it plays havoc on organs, thins tissues, and hardens receptors.  When receptors harden they cannot except the amount of components it needs to, your brain then says it needs histamine to go attack.  When a build up of histimine happens we then go into a allergic reaction.  This could cause heart issues (pressure of fluids built up) and perspiration.  Can also cause breathing issues (not able to get full breath) and tingling or numbness in arms due to swelling from allergic reaction).

Weight loss / would be hard put to say acid possible lack of absorption, immune depletion, or more so the acid could be effecting the thyroid  it's self or by means of the pituitary gland, thyroid swells, over loads thyroid with hormones, peeks metabolism (Hyperthyroidism), thus weight loss.     

Immune lowering / is easy to say acid can lower immune, look it up it's everywhere!

Thyroid enlargement / see weight loss it's explained there.

Change in menstrual cycles/ ​Anything can throw off a woman's cycle even another woman, this is not a good symptom, this could be a result of immune lowering, metabolism speeded up, or the lab that studied it has a lot of women around.
E.D. Reduced libido/ this is a stretch for sure but there is a known link between E.D. and thyroid if I remember right, so hummm.  Hormones are controlled with in the pituitary gland, could there be a link between metabolism, hormones and E.D.? sure just don't know what it is yet....

Frequent bowel movements/  This is easy to say acids, when a acid touches tissue it does a couple things, it thins and break downs, yet hardens what it is directly touching.  I believe acids causes stomach paralysis, diverticulitis and many other GI Tract issues including spastic colon. 
Bulging eyes/ I believe the bulging eyes is directly related to the thyroid enlargement and pressure put on the optical nerve or something similar, not as important to me, nor related to acid except the effect of other things. 
Thick red Skin usually on top of feet / We all know what gout is pert near, acid falls into limbs, deposits in cavities, you can see acid through redness in skin on hands, feet, chest, neck, face at specific locations. 
Rapid or irregular heartbeat (palpitations)/ See perspiration above. 

​SO the question is graves disease related to acid>?

​Doctors will tell you, that you cannot change PH to alkaline based on food intake due to it not making it through the stomach many items we take in such as ascorbic acid, or vinegar I believe does.  These two items go in as a acid metabolize and turn alkaline, this is how it makes it pass the stomach.  So some of this theory the  doctors will dispute. 


 Below is theories, beliefs, and guesses unsupported but any agencies, only from Cheryl whom has tested out these for more than 20 years.  Below you will find remedies used, we welcome others remedies, thoughts and opposition.... Please do your own research prior to using these guides to make sure it is right for you.  Use at own risk.

this information is being shared for a meeting of minds your opinions are greatly appreciated.  I do love good debates so please feel

Doggie Soaking Butt!    

Graves Disease, Thyroid lupus


This mix has been used with a woman who had complete kidney failure, was septic and in a comma the first time.  Doctors gave no hope, in fact was saying concidering pulling the plug was the next step.  There was no hope right? WRONG! When the woman came out of the comma and got off kidney Dialysis the doctors only could say this was a miracle.  Due to the fact this woman was on warfarin it was best done in the hospital inviroment and under doctor supervision, due to Herbs that also can thin the blood.  This is a Diuretic and must get plenty of fluids.    Only use this guidance if you have researched thoroughly and consulted doctor.  Things this mix has helped with: Flu, pneumonia, bladder (UTI)infections, fatigue, acidity, liver, kidney, removal of broke down kidney stones.  Cheryl calls it clean tea or her DUMP AND PUMP!

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