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Wonder Rub You Got Nerve!

This is a special herbal blend of quality herbs fashioned to aide with Pain, Bacteria, Fungus and more.  

This recipe has been worked to optimal performance for over ten years.   It's base is coconut oil and bees wax.  Other ingredient's are: Angelica, Blood Root, Boswellia, Black Walnut, Camphor , Clove, Eucalyptus oil, Goldenseal Root, Horse Tail,  Menthol, Nettles Oregon grape, Sarsaparilla, Tea Tree Oil, Turmeric, Vinegar, Zinc.  Polysorbate as a binder and small amount of Germicide.  Knowing the mix is only half the battle knowing how to bind the ingredients and pull the medical value is the other.

7 Gram stick $ 6.50 ~ 40 gram Container $15 ~ 90g Container $30.

Use wonder rub for pain, swelling, arthritis, fungus, bacterial fighter, restless leg, bruising, nerve damage, eczema, external viral warts, and more.  USE AT OWN RISK!

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