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Paint class Zen Experience


Zen Experience

Zen Experience

 Prepare for Achieving ZEN!   

With this package you receive:

 Paint class making your own ZEN Painting
 Trip through the incense making station
 A all you can drink cup to explore the Herb & Tea Bar as well as the Coffee Bar
 Memory to last a life time.

 Book this class now 503-894-4075 or visit Thebrushandbarrel.net


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Past Events:

If you would like to attend a meeting we need to hear from you!  If we don't have enough contacts then we will cancel the event.  For Meet and Greets fill out form below and a pic if you would like it posted should be emailed with your name to attach.  We do not cater to NSA for that you can hop on Craigslist.   Please check back here or call the day of the meet and greet to make sure we have enough coming.

Email to Herbysdiscount@yahoo.com

We would love to host meet and greets for singles 30-40's 50-up but need people to fill out form if we get enough we will contacts and set up some fun. 

Local Events near Portland Or. meet and greet

As some of you know  tea is fermented most gourmet loose leaf tea is fermented for 2-3 days, the more fermented the more health benefits it has.   At Herby's we have over 20 flavors of teas and we even have some teas fermented for 6 years or more that are for sale.   Hidden away I have one that has been aged for 44 years.  Send me a email if you would like to sign up for this tea party.  I will crack that tea cake and explain the process of capturing the full flavor of the tea.  I my self do not know what a 44 year old aged tea will taste like but from what I understand it's going to benefit all of our health and vitality.  After there are 10 or more people signed up I will email with a time and date and a get a payment.  Cost of this event will be $10. you will receive tea to take home with information as well.

​Tea Party Sign Up ​herbysdiscount@yahoo.com

Would you like to host a party or hold a meet up at Herby's?

Please give us a week notice, and know about how many to expect.  You can bring in food, goodies, extra chairs, party favors or what not in the all you can drink area. 

Please ask if you can recieve a deal on all you can drink cups for your party.