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Glass Bowl Portland Oregon

Ship only to the United States gather the items you would like and mail your order to we will gather the least expensive shipping fee's and call you back be sure to give contact information. 

No  we're not a  head shop, vape shop, pipe shop, but we have great herbal smoking accessories room with online sales and store is near Portland Or. in Oak Grove. 

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We're not a vape store or pipe shop, but you can get yourself a  water bong, pipe, vape pen, e nail, silicone bong, vape liquid,  herbal grinders, keif boxes, and more in Portland Oregon area... You can buy your bongs online, or come in touch and feel product to make sure you will enjoy it and it's of quality you choose.   Plus get your regular herbs at your next favorite herb store; Herby's!

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Unique Glass Hand Pipe in Portland Or.
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Dry Organic Tea and Herbs for sale

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