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This is a use your head thing, if you have a illness always consult physician, if you disagree with physician you do so at own risk.  I have done this numerous times, and own that is my liability and ability to do so!


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We're right next to Happy Feet Cat Washer, Belda's Gold Panning, and best of all Moon Fever Art Studio which is a crazy fun place to learn to draw and paint while you drink! :) Gotta love that right? Classes to book: Kids Picasso~ Date Night~ Puff Puff Paint~ Seasonal~ More! 

PERFECT PRESENTS Instead of a gift or flowers that die, give a memory that last life long!

Please email any health questions of holistic medicine, health news or health tips.  If you require guidance then make an appointment with Cheryl she is happy to help on your journey with natural medicine.

Don't you just love fun fact's! 

To get the full flavor of your tea you should wash your tea with hot water dump, then brew...  Check out info ->

Tea Loose Leaf for sale Portland Oregon Tea House

Check it out!  A Herb, Coffee and Tea BAR!   

Come find your next favorite herb store in Portland Oregon!  We welcome naturopaths, health practitioners (health tips), herbalist, herbal remedy beginners and anyone interested in natural medicine, from pro to begginer.   Come see our quality herbs for sale in Oak Grove Oregon.

Kombucha  now available at herb and tea bar on various days.

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Boy did we have fun at Herby's Easter Egg Hunt, not as much as the Easter bashes of old we had, but still fun and safer.  We had two large prize eater baskets and two Golden Egg grand baskets.   There was a nice contest for coloring the Herby's bunny and two baskets for the winners of the two age groups.  OH boy lot's went on. 

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bulk herbs Gourmet coffee loose leaf tea herb and tea bar in Portland oregon
Loose Leaf tea for sale Portland Or.

It's all you can drink at Herby's

Come join us at our new store at the end of the Trolley Trail.

Our historical location is filled with fun and exciting shops to enjoy but your first stop should be with us!  Buy a cup and it's all you can drink at Herby's for one hour, you get to sample the coffee's the tea's and yes even make your own natural remedy while learning right there how to do so, with literature and internet access.  We have some of the most comfortable chairs to relax, or go shop the shelves in the discount store.  Where you can buy Bulk Gourmet Coffee, Loose  Leaf Teas and Bulk Herbs.  There is also beauty items, clothes, vape supply,  E nails and more. 

We always recommend to check with doctor with any medical conditions, allergies and more. We allow you access to information for you to decide what is right for you and only suggest a direction to look and always believe you should research remedies for yourself.

Bulk and Brewed Coffee Tea and Herbs for sale in Oak Grove / Portland Oregon.

West Coast Coffee Portland Or.
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